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Reflection on 2017

In recent years, since I opened my Twitter account, at the end of the year I reflected back on some of 2017’s events. Below is my review some key events of 2017:

  1. President Donald Trump began his official term as the 45th President of the United States of America. This presidency has had a direct impact on many global events, reflecting the importance and gravity of that sensitive important position. The world has not yet grasped the peculiarity of President Trump as an outlier US president and there is still great caution in dealing with him.
  1. There has been widespread movements in many countries between separatist populist movements and conservative parties. We noticed this in the attempt to secede the province of Catalonia in Spain in addition to the referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan and the continuation of tension within Europe and UK because of the implications of Brexit.
  1. We have seen the change of historical leaders such as the demise of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, the arrival of the young president Macaron in France, but on the other hand renewed the term of President Rouhani and Chancellor Merkel while Erdogan gained new powers. Hence the life cycle in political leaders did not stop.
  1. The expected change of the term of the leadership in Saudi Arabia took place with the arrival of Mohammed bin Salman, this change will have an impact on the events in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the Middle East. The Prince is new to politics and so there is caution, like the advent of President Trump, while everyone is watching the Kingdom's positions toward important dossiers in the region.
  1. Global terrorism did not take a break or a nap on its practices of murder, as we have seen the emergence of this disease in various global arenas such as Manchester, London, Baghdad, Paris, Sinai, New York .. etc, that disease has not yet been treated and perhaps its seriousness is not yet embraced, since we still evaluate this serious issue from political standpoints, ignoring the ideological dimension of it.
  1. The announcement by President Trump of the United States' departure from the Paris Climate Convention reflects the decline of the environment to a secondary challenge for humanity, which coincided with the increase of the human population to more than 7.6 billion people.


  1. Genocide crimes have not stopped this year. The tragedy of the Rohingya in Myanmar has continued, and mass murder against innocents has not stopped in Yemen or Syria. Is humanity moving towards peace? Or does the language and practice of war and blood have its own addicted audience?
  1. The threat of nuclear explosion, war, and intercontinental missiles have increased this year, especially with the continuation of nuclear tests by North Korea. The world had expected such dangers to end at the end of the Cold War, we are obliviously seeing to the negative impact of one-man rule on the destruction of peoples and humanity.
  1. We have liberated, as Iraqis and their friends, Mosul and the whole of Iraq from Dae’sh and its poison, and Raqqa is also liberated and many other Syrian cities as well, a really happy year for us in this regard. Thanks to all of our friends who helped and mercy on the martyrs, and pray for the speedy recovery of our wounded.
  1. The Kurdistan Referendum did take place contrary to most other expectations(not mine) and Baghdad did regain control over most of the disputed areas contrary to the general expectations, the Kurdish dream has retreated not too few steps, we need now to undertake a genuine revision of the nature of the social contract that we Iraqis want within the same country.
  1. At the beginning of the year, I wrote on the high probability of not excluded for the new administration's acknowledgment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. What effect does it have on the political and social issues within the Middle East? Who will stand with the Palestinians in their just cause? Will Jerusalem remain the issue of the confused Arab conscience?
  1. On a personal level, I had a year of traveling to Iraq, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and some Asian countries. I attended and lectured in dozens of conferences and media and political activities coving Iraqi and the Middle East issues. I have increased my network and awareness, but did I increase my knowledge and gained some wisdom? on the other hand has these activities helped the Iraq's march towards its development, I hope and pray so.


Happy New Year to all