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A Lecture at the Prestigious Command and Staff College in the State of Hamburg

Source: Iraqi MFA

    The prestigious College of Command and Staff of the German Army, located in the state of Hamburg, hosted His Excellency Ambassador Lukman Al-Faily on 04/04/2022. He was received by Commander General Oliver Cole, Dean of the College, who took him to his office at the Deanship’s headquarters to welcome him, before heading to the main hall to deliver the lecture in front of a large crowd of ranks and students of the Academy of different nationalities.


    During the lecture, Ambassador Al-Faily reviewed a number of topics related to international affairs, especially the Corona pandemic, the Ukrainian crisis, relations between major international powers and the ideological fight against terrorism, which in general created challenges that brought about great changes in the world. The ambassador also touched on the important role of German forces (training and qualification) in Iraq and the future of relations between Iraq and Germany.
    After the lecture ended, a direct interactive dialogue took place between the ambassador and the students of the academy about the questions raised, including the repercussions of the Ukrainian crisis on Iraq and the surrounding countries in the region, the Iraqi and international efforts to eliminate the ideology of the terrorist organization ISIS, which was defeated on the ground, and ways to achieve stability in the eastern region. The Middle East, and the importance of Iraq as a partner for Germany in the region.

    At the conclusion of the visit to the military academy, Ambassador Al-Faily thanked Commander General Cole for the warm reception. For his part, General Cole expressed his gratitude for the visit of Ambassador Al-Faili and for his presentation of the lecture, wishing him success in his mission in Germany.