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Every year I write 12 tweets as end of year reflections. Would like to keep up this tradition, so here we go:

Defeating Daesh has been a strong factor in uniting Iraqis towards stabilization of their country 1/12.


Inter and intra community cohesion in Iraq is still not strong enough, political leaders need to lead 2/12.


Iraqis still lack defining enough common visions for their development and stability, e.g. national founding fathers need to rise to the challenge 3/12.


We are near the end of Daesh's existence in Iraq, without common vision for Iraq's endgame, terrorism will always find a vacuum to occupy, let us get our act together 4/12.


The Iraqi State still lacks cohesiveness, key legislations are still needed, plus common political will to pull together toward safer shores, this is doable but not simple 5/12.


Some steps were taken by Iraqi to fight corruption and mismanagement, not bold enough, this cleansing fight needs to be a national project and not just for the government 6/12.


PM Abadi did an excellent job in making sure that debts and salaries are paid despite oil prices plummeting , is this sustainable without revenue diversification? 7/12.


Iraqi cabinet still has key vacancies (defense, finance and interior) not filled, it is a reflection of parliament's weak relationship with government, this is not sustainable 8/12.


US, international collation and Iranian support to Iraq in the fight against Daesh has been a game changer, thank you all, this support has to be sustained for global security 9/12.


Regional geo-politics and socio-politics are becoming more complicated and disjointed, state leaders need to create strong platforms for dialogue, we own the problem and its solution 10/12.


The nature of Iraq's relationship with some of the Gulf states and Turkey did not stabilize or grow positively during 2016, we need them to appreciate  positively the changes in Iraq after 2003, otherwise we are all going to lose, however they also need to know that the Iraqi blood maintained the security of their countries 11/12.


The tenacity & endurance of Iraqis have been a point of admiration by outsiders, let us also show them that the cradle of civilization will always be a beacon of hope 12/12.


Early retirement from my ambassadorial post after seven years in Iraqi government services was not an easy decision, one can always serve his people via many routes, we owe it to our country.


Allah bless you all and may 2017 bring us peace, inner and social harmony and development.


Lukman Faily