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Iraqi official: Deal with ISIL now in Iraq, or later in the U.S.

WTOP, Mon, Jun 8, 2015

by J.J. Green

WASHINGTON — A top Iraqi diplomat is warning the West has been too slow to address the global crisis presented by the Islamic State, and may soon have to pay a heavy cost.

Lukman Faily, Iraq’s Ambassador to the U.S., told WTOP in an exclusive interview that while the west is intellectualizing ISIL — a phenomenon he likens to global warming — Iraq’s ancient heritage, its culture and the rest of the world’s security is being devoured by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL, ISIS) violent ideology.

“We have over 30 car bombs a month. What type of society can put up with that,” he asked.

Acknowledging Iraq is largely responsible for rise of ISIL, Faily said the proliferation of the group’s violent ideology is not an internal Iraqi problem.

“Granted, we have our own political, social and economic problems which in part led to this, I give you that. But the majority of the jihadists came over from Syria, while other countries allowed them to come over from Syria.”

“We are the frontlines, we need help and we are asking other countries is why would you let them (ISIL) have breathing space,” Faily said.

Faily said ISIL may eventually be defeated, but it’s demonstrated what an intelligent, violent and motivated terror organization can do, by seeping into the fissures of a weak country and exploiting its vulnerabilities.

“The survival of Iraq will depend on how much we are willing to forget our small issues for the sake of the big country. It will all depend on how much true support and true urgency the region and the world demonstrate,” Faily said.

Iraqi official: Deal with ISIL now in Iraq, or later in the U.S.